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Traditional Tobacco

We are pleased to offer traditional smoking tobaccos, and that includes pipe tobacco and cigarettes, classic and imported brands.

Our inventory of pipe tobaccos is in keeping with a tobacco shop of old. From bulk supplies we repackage into consumer-sized product, available to you in small or large quantities. Our products are stored in climate-controlled conditions that ensure freshness. We are at your service to make a recommendation or to create your unique blend. Feel free to stop in and try a sample.


The specific brands and styles are these:

Blend #10
— This is our best-selling pipe tobacco. It is basically a golden Cavendish with a hint of fire-cured tobacco blended in, to provide a scintillating taste and a flavorful aroma. This is very close to Captain Black Royal, but without the additives.

Excalibur — This superb smoke is a carefully created blend that starts with a Black and Burley mixture with a touch of vanilla. Fire-cured Cavendish is added along with a touch of Peach. This is an extremely mild, slow burning smoke, and the aroma is wonderful.

Ugly Waters
— A breakthrough in the tobacco business, this is a Burley blend without the traditional Burley bite. If you are a smoker who likes a Burley — you will love this blend and its pleasing aroma.

Black Cherry — This is our popular Cherry Cavendish tobacco, blended with Black Cavendish. The fire-cured tobacco gives this blend a mellow, mild flavor.

Spring Wine — A light Cherry Cavendish with a mixture of fire-cured and Golden Cavendish, this complex blend is smooth smoking, pleasing to the palate and has a nice aroma.

Renaissance Man — A delicious blend of Black Cavendish, Burley, and Vanilla — this is the thinking man's blend.

Black and Burley — This Black and Burley blend has a pronounced rich Vanilla taste and aroma.

MV-1000 — This blend of the finest matured Golden Virginia tobaccos is enhanced by a subtle aromatic fragrance.

Nougat — Black and Burley with a sweet Nougat flavor imported from France produces excellent taste, aroma, and smoking qualities.

Amaretto — Genuine Italian Amaretto top dressing (almond and apricot) gives this blend a mild, sweet taste and a pleasant aroma.

Starboard List — Similar to Excalibur but flavored with Amaretto, this blend smokes cool and produces a lovely aroma.

Passionate Peach — This tobacco tastes so much like peach pie that you'll want to put ice cream on it.

English Oriental Supreme — The traditional English blend, distant, royal, and noble, is an admiringly skilled blend of pure tobaccos. Any smoker whose first love is for the finest quality mixed together without adulteration will fall in love with this one.

Toasted Whiskey Cavendish — This rich, full blend Cavendish and Danish Whiskey flavored tobacco is guaranteed to bring out the Viking in your soul.

Black Cavendish — Our top selling black tobacco is a fire-cured Cavendish tobacco that is discreetly flavored to produce an extremely mild, slow burning cool smoke.

Rich Lite Pipe — This is the closest to Captain Black Regular. Blended with just the right amount of Golden Virginia and Burleys, the basic blend of Toasted Cavendish takes on a new dimension. An easy tobacco to smoke all day long, this mixture gets better with each bowl.

Optimum — A superb blend of Virginias from Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Georgia with fire-cured sweet Black Cavendish and mild Burleys, it is flavored with pure rum and Vanilla bean. This blend is a pleasure to smoke.

Cherry Cavendish — This is another Cavendish mixture with a bit more cherry flavor and a pleasant, fruit aroma.

Mango — An exotic blend flavored with an exclusive essence of tropical fruit produces a most unusual aroma and smoking quality.

Summer Breeze — This is a nutty flavored blend that is a mixture of Burley tobaccos and Black Cavendish, with the fruity flavor of tropical Mango. It has a cool, rich flavor and a great aroma.

Vanilla — This delicious cube-cut Burley tobacco is top dressed with Vanilla extract to produce a cool, slightly sweet taste and a wonderful aroma.

Nice and Easy — Vanilla and black Cavendish continue to deliver a smooth, tasty smoke with an aroma that is sure to please a crowd.

Pistachio — This is a marvelous Dutch blend of Golden Virginia and a touch of Black Cavendish. Just the right amount of Vanilla and Pistachio nut flavor makes this blend a mild, sweet smoking experience.

English Luxury — For the connoisseur of full-bodied tobacco, choicest small Latakia imparts a nutty flavor and coolness. Macedonia Bright is added for sweetness. The Brown Cavendish completes the blend that all confirmed pipe smokers love.


Additionally, we carry a wide selection of domestic cigarettes and the following imported cigarettes:

American Spirits

Nat Sherman
   Classic Light
   Classic Menthol

   Light Browns

Dunhill International
Make Jernigan's your choice for quality tobacco products. Do not hesitate to discuss with our highly experienced and qualified staff any of your special needs. Challenge us to meet your expectations.
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