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In the golden days of radio, a headliner show was "Duffy's Tavern," self-described as "The Place Where the Elite Meet to Eat." Ed Gardner played the role of Archie, and luminaries of the era William Bendix and Eddie Bracken assumed supporting roles. Between 1984 and 1993, the TV show "Cheers" took center stage, as the Boston bar "Where Everyone Knows Your Name."

Jernigan's aspires to be not only the kind of place where everyone knows your name, but also where the elite meet to eat and share the good times. The principal responsibility for meeting this standard rests with our friendly staff. Whether you are on the cigar bar side or the retail tobacco side, everything should be transparent in terms of the delivery of friendly, competent service and quality products. You are invited to challenge us and invite us to deliver on this promise.



Our staff is one of the most experienced in Western Pennsylvania. We know cigars, pipes, tobacco and accessories like the back of our hands. When we respond to your questions about tobacco products, you will sense that our responses are based upon a world of experience. We truly have been there, done that.


Ric has over 27 years at Jernigan's and is absolutely one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the entire tobacco industry. His expertise with Pipes and Cigars is unmatched.


With over 10 years at Jernigan's, Bernie continues to help customers with their tobacco and accessory needs. She maintains a great attitude and consistently goes out of her way to get the job done.


We are new to the bar business and undoubtedly have much to learn. What we lack in experience, we hope to make up for with thoughtful and conscientious attention to the business. That said, our staff does possess knowledge and experience — it is management who are comparative neophytes. We undoubtedly will make mistakes, and we respectfully solicit your input so that we can over time minimize our imperfections and become the best that we can be. We believe our aspirations can be achieved by attention to detail and a dogged desire to succeed. Time will present our testament.


Fred has over 30 years as a server of fine spirits, wines, beers and related beverages. He also is a professional actor, and as you can see, he very much resembles the "Arbiter of Fine Taste" himself.
Barb and Mindy
Barb and Mindy

Barb and Mindy have 7 years combined at Jernigan's. You will be guaranteed "Great Service with a Smile"

We at Jernigan's say, "Let the good times roll!"

Can I draw you a beer, Norm? No, I know what they look like. Just pour me one. - Cheers
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