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Jernigan's prides itself on serving as a one-stop shop for our patrons. Our products include well-known manufacturers: Dunhill, Colibri, Promtheus, Zippo and many others. We feature an extensive array of needful, useful and pure luxury items.


ash tray for pipes

ash tray for cigars
Humidors. Our humidors are made with the aficionado in mind and combine detailed craftsmanship with authentic Spanish cedar interiors. Every cigar in the humidor will be enhanced in smell and taste, while safely kept in the ideal temperature and humidity. From the solid brass hardware and aromatic Spanish Cedar Wood interiors to the fine handcrafted exotic wood exteriors, each humidor is unmatched in quality and value. These great cigar humidors are heirlooms, made to be passed down from generation to generation.

Lighters. Whether to light a cigar or a pipe, all our lighters are built with fine and superior craftsmanship. See our complete and extensive lighters selection. With many different exterior finishes, the lighters have a beauty and elegance that is only shadowed by their performance. Whatever your specific needs, pure functionality or exquisite show piece, we have it.

Cigar Cutters. Our cutters are the highest performers in the cigar industry. Every Cutter and Scissor is lifetime features extremely sharp blades made with the highest grade surgical stainless steel. The exteriors are made with durable resins, gold and titanium enamels, chromium, Stainless steel and perfectly shaped to provide a lifetime of service.

Cigar Cases. Our cases are handcrafted using fine Italian leathers . From expandable to sturdy leather cases, they are handmade to hold various cigar lengths and ring gauges. All are individually made using old world ways, by hand pounding leather over steel forms to obtain the contoured shape. Every case is purposely made to shield your cigars from environmental elements, performing as pocket humidors. They are big enough to hold most cigars and ring gauges, yet small enough to easily fit in your pocket when you travel.

Ashtrays. Unique cigar ashtrays make special gifts for smokers. We carry many sizes and shapes, with a variety of decorative and functional features.

Hygrometors. Humidifiers and other specialized items. These items will add to the protection and preservation of your tobacco products.

Trust Jernigan's to fulfill all of your needs.
The cigar is the perfect complement to an elegant lifestyle. - George Sand
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